We closely partner with forward-thinking organizations to design unique talent acquisition and management strategies that reduce risk and increase speed, flexibility and return on human capital for your organization.

Talent Seekers

By partnering with MFA Talent Management, your company can dramatically reduce its overall costs of recruitment while at the same time increasing the quality of new and replacement hires, improving time to hire and ensuring proper fit for the long-term.

In the new economy, every position is precious, yet many organizations struggle to devote adequate time and resources to find and hire best-in-class professional talent. At MFA Talent Management, we provide a broad spectrum of recruitment support services to meet your Business, Accounting, Finance and IT staffing needs. We closely partner with forward-thinking organizations like yours to design unique talent acquisition and management strategies that reduce risk and increase speed, flexibility and return on human capital for your organization.

Let’s face it; the team that assembles the best players is the team that most often wins. And in this fiercely competitive business climate, organizations are not just competing for customers; they are also competing for top-notch talent.

Our Recruitment Management Services

MFA Talent Management’s Recruitment Management Services are the ideal solution for time-starved companies who realize competitive advantage starts with having top-notch professional talent on their team. We simplify a company’s internal recruitment function by partnering with organizations to facilitate all or parts of their recruitment/hiring process. For a fixed monthly fee, our comprehensive recruitment process outsourcing solutions can be utilized to streamline the entire recruitment lifecycle for professional-level staff, or you can selectively use our expertise where your business needs it most.

Job Profiling

We create and recommend accurate, enticing job descriptions by working directly with your internal experts to uncover the top priorities for each new or replacement hire. We strive to understand not only the job but also your company’s cultural nuances that will create a good long-term fit.

Sourcing Execution

Acting as an extension of your company, we advertise your jobs across a variety of sourcing mediums to generate interest and buzz in the marketplace for your company and the specific opportunity. We also employ techniques to approach and attract passive candidates.

Candidate Identification

We employ a consistent process to efficiently and effectively screen ALL submitted resumes including those submitted in response to your corporate website. We conduct those time-consuming initial phone interviews to vet applicants, narrowing the pool to only those who possess the requisite skill set and genuine interest in the opportunity.

Interview Process Facilitation

We coordinate with you to determine who should be involved in the interview process and then assume responsibility for scheduling all interviews. We also proactively coordinate the process of collecting and disseminating post-interview feedback from both candidates and interviewers.

References and Offers

Comprehensive reference checks for your chosen candidates are handled by our team. While you make the decisions, we act as the main point of contact for you and candidates to ensure the offer and counter-offer process runs smoothly from start to finish. Until employment commences, consultation, support and advice are all part of the service we offer.

Talent Planning

Working with us is a true partnership as evidenced by regular, collaborative meetings with you to plan, recalibrate and redirect our efforts as talent demands fluctuate throughout your company’s growth cycle.


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Recruitment Management Brochure

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