Our Commitment to
Client Satisfaction

Commitment to Client Satisfaction

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) Survey

MFA Talent Management has partnered with a 3rd party satisfaction survey firm in order to gather crucial input directly from our clients to help us gauge how well we are meeting their needs. The results are highly valued as the feedback directly impacts the decisions we make as a Firm.

We utilize an NPS-metric to get a clear measurement of our performance through our clients’ eyes. As part of our ongoing commitment to client service, we have dedicated a client satisfaction team within our Firm. This team's sole purpose is to review all client feedback, benchmark it against past, current and future data, and develop a strategic roadmap for continually reinforcing a culture of exceptional client service.

Our Net Promoter Score

Take a look at how we measure up compared to several national companies who also use the NPS benchmark.

Talent Mgmt NPS

To read more about our most recent survey results, click here.

Note: NPS benchmark information obtained from https://www.npsbenchmarks.com/industry/Financial_Services



During our 2015 survey we were pleased to learn that more than 53% of survey respondents rated MFA Talent Management a 9 or 10 out of 10. Click the link below for the highlights from our most recent survey.

Survey Highlights

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