After completing the interview process and being offered a job, your next step is evaluating whether the offer is right for you. This involves covering every aspect of the offer and determining whether you are comfortable with the information being presented to you. Although it can be difficult turning down the offer, it may be in your best interest. Here are three reasons it might be worth passing on that job offer after all.

Unsatisfactory Terms

Perhaps you aren’t being given the title you wanted, salary you requested, or number of vacation days you asked for. Before you make a final decision, evaluate whether the work environment, challenge of the role or opportunities for advancement are better than what you currently have. Also, determine whether the benefits package, flexible scheduling options or bonus programs may make up for areas where you’re not getting exactly what you had wanted. Look at the employee handbook, non-compete agreement or other legal paperwork you must sign to ensure you agree with everything included in the contract. Avoid settling for less than what you want and facing resentment and frustration down the road. You may not remain in the position long enough to change the terms you don’t agree with.   

Wrong Culture Fit

If the work atmosphere is slow-paced and you prefer a busier environment, or the business is a startup and you want long-term stability, you probably won’t be happy working there. Also, if you have concerns about the company culture, your personality might not mesh well with your manager or co-workers. Because you spend the majority of each week at work, you need to feel confident that you’ll get along well within the organization.

Lack of Growth

You want to be able to take on new roles, projects and responsibilities to expand your connections and knowledge base. Before taking on a new position, determine what areas you already excel in, what skills you want to gain and whether you can accomplish your goals within the new organization. If you’re not growing professionally, you’ll become bored, disengage in your work and not perform at your highest level. You’ll most likely be looking for a new job in a short amount of time.

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