Holding Hands

Team building activities move your company from a competitive environment to a cooperative one. As a result, your business benefits from increased communication, collaboration and more. Here are four ways team building activities can benefit your company.

Clearer Communication

Because team members need to discuss the problem given to them and find solutions, everyone is encouraged to offer input on reaching their team objectives. Also, because teammates are getting to know each other in a more casual setting, they can be more transparent in their interactions. This builds trust among colleagues and collaboration within your organization.

Increased Motivation

When your employees are successful in group activities, they gain new skills, have a higher level of trust in their colleagues and gain confidence in knowing their contributions are recognized and appreciated. Your employees also become more invested in their team’s success, reaching business goals and moving your company forward.

Stronger Problem Solving

By having to overcome a challenge, team members learn to identify road blocks to accomplishing their goals and determine ways to overcome those issues. Team members also use their diverse skills and experience to find innovative solutions to problems as they occur. This builds cohesion and collaboration within your organization.

Improved Productivity

When employees learn to more effectively work together, they also learn to more efficiently complete their tasks. Your company saves time and money by having work divided according to team members’ abilities, reducing overlapping tasks and resulting in fewer errors. As a result, teams become more productive, employee morale increases and your company continues moving forward.

Examples of Activities

A favorite team building activity for companies is the Human Spring which involves teammates standing and facing each other in pairs with their elbows bent and palms facing toward each other. Each pair touches their palms together and gradually begins leaning toward each other so they start holding each other up. Each pair moves their feet farther and farther back so they depend on their partner to help them remain standing.

Another popular team building activity is Minefield. In a large room or outdoor field, set up chairs, balls, cones, boxes or other objects to be used as obstacles. Leave space for individuals to walk between objects. Divide everyone into pairs. Blindfold one person per pair, called the mine walker, and let them know they cannot talk during the exercise. Ask their partner to stay outside the mine field and give verbal directions so the mine walker avoids the obstacles and reaches the other side. Give everyone a few minutes to plan how they’ll communicate during the game and be sure to create consequences for hitting an obstacle, such as having to go back to the starting point.   

These are four ways team building may benefit your company.  For all your accounting, finance, business and IT staffing needs in the Boston area, contact MFA Talent Management.