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When crafting a cover letter, you want to show off the skills that make you the perfect candidate for the position. Therefore, it’s important you review each job description, figure out which of your past projects or responsibilities best displays those skills, and mention those accomplishments. Here are three types of skills to focus on when crafting your perfect cover letter.  

  1. Hard Skills. The objective is to show concrete examples of how you added value for a previous employer and how you may provide additional benefits to your next employer. For example, if you’re applying for a sales position, mention how you set a sales record for a previous employer by listening to and filling customers’ needs. If you’re applying for an IT position, discuss how you helped develop a mobile application for a previous employer that increased revenue by 25 percent.

  2. Soft Skills. Leading, collaborating and communicating are necessary skills for growing a company, but cannot easily be taught. Possessing a strong work ethic, effectively solving problems and maintaining a positive attitude are important as well. It’s important you mention examples of how you set and achieved business goals to move up in a company, how you built relationships with colleagues and executives to efficiently finish projects, and how you used written and verbal communication to fulfill your work responsibilities. Mention examples of how you manage your time well, excel at finding solutions to complex problems, and are able to keep your team motivated when things aren’t going well. 

  3. Transferable Skills. If your skills don’t exactly match what’s needed for the position, focus on the skills you possess that can be beneficial for the role you want. Displaying excellent oral and written communication skills, being able to work individually or collaboratively, and displaying confidence while leading others are all valued by employers. Taking the initiative, being reliable and always giving your best effort are also coveted skills. Staying organized, remaining flexible and being open to learning are in demand as well.  

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