Participating in an interview is a two-way street. The interviewer wants to learn more about you to determine whether you are the best candidate for a role. Similarly, you want to learn more about the interviewer and the company to determine whether you will be engaged in the work and fit with company culture. Therefore, you need to be prepared to find out all you can about the position and company expectations. Here are several good questions you may want to consider asking an interviewer.   

Have I Answered All of Your Questions?

The interviewer will appreciate your offer, and you may be able to determine how well you are doing. If the interviewer has no further questions, you most likely are doing well. If the interviewer asks for further clarification, you can clarify and add to a previous answer.

How Would You Describe Company Culture?

This question helps ensure the company’s mission, values, beliefs and behaviors align with your own. Based on the answer, you’ll know whether or not you will be happy and productive working there.

How Would You Rate the Company on Demonstrating Its Core Values?

Asking this question demonstrates you want to know more about the company’s internal workings before deciding to work there. You also gain insight into the company’s problems and what areas might need improvement.   

What Do You Enjoy Most About Working for This Company?

Create a sense of camaraderie by finding out what the interviewer enjoys most about working for the organization. You will find out more about the interviewer as well as advantages of working for the company.

When Your Employees Come to You With Conflicts, How Do You Respond?

This question will help you to uncover how the company deals with conflict and if disagreements are handled professionally. This will lend further insight into the company’s culture.

Where Do You See Yourself in Five Years?

You can determine whether you have a similar career path and whether working for the company will be beneficial in reaching your goals.

Can You Give an Example of How I Might Collaborate With My Manager?

Find out how managers utilize their employees to complete projects. You can determine whether you will be able to use your strengths to help move the company forward.

What Qualities Are Most Important for Advancement?

Show the interviewer you see yourself working there for many years by asking this question. Use the interviewer’s answer to determine whether you are a good fit for the role and if it can benefit your career by working for the organization.

What Steps Must be Completed Before Extending a Job Offer?

This is a key question in understanding when you can expect to hear back from the interviewer so you can orchestrate other interviews and/or job offers accordingly.

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