As an employer, maintaining strong relationships with your employees is key to your company’s success. When your employees like and trust you, they accomplish more individually and collaboratively and feel more invested in your company’s success. Here are five reasons why a strong employer/employee relationship matters.

Deeper Level of Trust

When you know you can trust your employees and they know they can trust you, the foundation of your relationship is strong. Everyone works to understand each other and contribute to the relationship. When your employees know they can rely on you, it builds cohesiveness and collaboration in your organization. Employees feel empowered to share their ideas and deliver their best output. Everyone works together to move your company forward.

Higher Motivation

When you understand why your employees work for you, you know how to motivate them through encouragement and incentives. For example, if an employee is motivated by being of service to your organization, praise them for helping to increase revenue and provide a bonus for their hard work.

Improved Conflict Reduction

Because your employees know they can talk with you when an issue arises, problems are more efficiently and effectively resolved. Employees can better focus on their tasks and remain productive.  

Enhanced Productivity

When relationships with your employees are strong, your employees are more productive. Because you help create a positive work environment, your employees want to perform their best. They are more collaborative and work more efficiently. This keeps employee morale up and improves your bottom line.

Increased Employee Loyalty

When your employees feel valued by your organization, they are absent fewer days, stay engaged in their work and remain with your organization longer. As a result, your company spends less on recruiting and training while keeping a skilled workforce in place.

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