When applying for a management position, your resume needs to demonstrate your skills and experience. Potential employers need to see how you organize, motivate and lead team members to accomplish company goals. Here are seven ways to show off your management skills in your resume.

Prioritize Information

Make sure your most important personal and career details are at the beginning of your resume. For example, along with your work history and other pertinent details, you may include your management philosophy and examples of your accomplishments.

Effectively Communicate

Demonstrate how you efficiently lead productive meetings. Give examples of how you maintain open lines of communication with your employees and resolve employee disputes. Furthermore, avoid spelling, grammatical and punctuation errors on your resume.

List Accomplishments

Highlight how you lead a team project or started an initiative to create change in your department. Mention the recognition and awards you have received for your work. In addition, list examples of how you successfully solved a problem or inspired your team to complete a project. Bring up any leadership courses you completed, certifications you earned or volunteer experience that helped build your managerial abilities. 

Mention How You Motivate Employees

Discuss how you motivate your employees to complete their work. For example, mention how you focus on employees’ strengths and encourage them to increase their skill sets. Also, discuss how you provide constructive feedback so employees know which areas they excel in and which areas they need to improve in. In addition, bring up ways in which you empower employees to take ownership of projects. Furthermore, list ways in which you show appreciation for employees’ accomplishments.

Demonstrate Problem Solving

Show you pay attention to detail and look for potential issues before they arise so they are more easily managed. Also, give examples of how you analyze data to determine what is most relevant to your company, how you can gather the information and what the results mean.

Show Innovation

Bring up how you found a solution to meet customers’ needs. Discuss ways in which you helped increase production. In addition, list examples of how you helped construct research models to test new product ideas.

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