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When an interviewer asks about your current employer, the interviewer is interested in what your relationship is like and why you want to leave the company. Although you may not get along with your employer, you need to portray the relationship in the best possible way and focus on other important issues. Here are six ways you can talk about your current employer during an interview.

Maintain a Positive Attitude

Even if you do not care for your employer, give a short but complimentary description of them and show you are a valued member of the organization. Avoid being overly complimentary or the interviewer will wonder why you want to leave. Also, avoid being negative which will adversely reflect on you as a job candidate. For example, you may say the company operates efficiently and the employees are treated well. You gained new skills and experience and feel appreciated for your contributions. However, you feel the organization is not progressing as quickly as you would like, and you want to move on to a new opportunity.    

Be Honest

Because no one has all positive experiences with their employer, be honest about yours. Even if you were friends with your boss, there had to be issues you disagreed on. For example, you may say you like your employer, but they do not give you adequate time to prepare for meetings or although you have respectfully talked with your employer, they have not resolved the issue.   

Give Only Necessary Information

If you worked for a company for two years and were passed over for a promotion that went to an employee who worked there for six months, rather than mentioning the fact that you were more qualified, briefly mention that you missed out on advancement and are looking for a new opportunity elsewhere. 

Focus on What You Enjoyed

Remember what you liked about working for your employer. Focusing on what you accomplished shows you are more interested in getting results than dwelling on unproductive issues. For example, even if you did not feel valued, you may have greatly enjoyed your work.

Demonstrate Loyalty

Even if you do not get along with your employer, speak highly of the organization and show you are accountable for your actions. For example, you may state that even though you and your employer had your differences, you remained focused on achieving your goals and helping the company succeed. 

Discuss What You Are Seeking

Although you may very well like your current employer, you may simply want to pursue a different line of work. You may be looking for additional responsibility or room for advancement.

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