Recent college graduates make excellent employees. Why? For starters, graduates are eager to start their careers and utilize what they learned in school to add value to a company. Here are a few notable reasons why you shouldn’t sour on recent college graduates.

New Talent

You can develop recent graduates’ talents as needed to benefit your company. Because graduates are just entering the workforce, they lack the preconceived notions and professional work habits that oftentimes create obstacles for productivity. Therefore, you can mold them – rather than train them to adjust or discard what they previously learned. Also, graduates have skills from roles in student organizations, sports teams, volunteer activities, internships and other opportunities that may transfer well to a role within your organization.


Today’s recent grads are well-versed in using the latest gadgets, programs and applications to uncover information or complete tasks. Because graduates remain current on the latest trends, they easily learn new technologies and can be effective in teaching new strategies to co-workers – which can ultimately improve both company operations and customer experience.


Recent graduates are used to working collaboratively on team projects and extra-curricular activities. They know how to effectively communicate and leverage other’s strengths to reach a common goal. These skills can transfer to graduates’ jobs, where they may be collaborating with colleagues both in the office and remotely.

Professional Development

Since graduates may need to add to their skill set to become top performers, it’s promising to know that they are open to learning from seasoned professionals to increase job performance. They quickly apply what they learn to continue improving their output, helping your company remain competitive.


New graduates have fresh ideas and perspectives and are willing to take risks to move a company forward. They are open to asking questions to clarify their understanding of concepts, and they learn from their mistakes and continue working on a problem until desired outcomes have been achieved.

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