As a manager, you want to maximize the effectiveness of employee meetings. Keeping everyone informed and involved increases engagement and moves your company forward. Here are four topics you should consider covering when meeting with your team.

Strategic Planning

  • Discuss what your department’s priorities are, where you want to focus your energy and resources, and how you can strengthen operations.
  • Ensure your employees and other stakeholders are collaborating toward common objectives by coming to an agreement on intended outcomes.
  • Talk about adjusting your approach when needed. Focus on who you serve, what you do and why. Then determine which direction to move in, the action you must take to get there and how you will know whether you are successful.


  • Analyze the evolution of your competitors, their brands and your industry.
  • Assess the changes being made in technology and determine what opportunities those changes allow for.
  • Know your customers and their changing needs and discuss how you can best serve those needs.
  • Talk about what products/services you can offer that your competitors do not.
  • Evaluate how you can capitalize on industry trends.
  • Find ways to revolutionize the marketplace.

Professional Development

  • Encourage your team to continually update and enhance their skills and experience.
  • Ask your team to attend industry-related seminars and conferences.
  • Encourage them to subscribe to field-related magazines or join professional associations to remain current on news and trends.
  • Have your team network at industry events.


  • Announce when your employees complete a project, overcome a major obstacle or achieve a goal.
  • Thank all your team members for their individual and collaborative contributions to moving the company forward.

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