Personal Branding

As an employee, building your personal brand is important. You shape a professional image that garners credibility and attracts employers in your field. When it comes time to find your next role, hiring managers can see your history of professionalism and determine whether you will blend with company culture. Plus, establishing a brand identity can help elevate your personal and professional profile within your given industry and beyond.

As you conduct your job search, consider these tips to boost your brand.

Create Your Personal Brand

Decide types of roles you enjoy, what your leadership qualities are and what direction you want to move your career. Also, consider your talents, abilities and interests as they relate to your career. How can you express those topics to hiring managers? Your message should be clearly and consistently shown across your tailored cover letters, resume and online platforms.

Stay Active on Multiple Platforms

Maintain an authentic, professional presence by adhering to the same set of identity standards on each channel. Show off your unique personality with two or three traits that set you apart from the competition, and point out how those traits make you best suited for the role you want. Hiring managers will recognize you for your consistency and be better able to determine your fit with company culture.

Focus on Your Accomplishments

When you start a new initiative, complete a big project or receive recognition, let everyone know. Talk about what challenges you faced and how your results impacted the company. Demonstrate to hiring managers how you add value to your current employer and can benefit your next one. Because your personal brand serves a purpose similar to your resume, point out examples of how you take initiative, collaborate with teammates, increase revenue or benefit the organization in other ways.

Regularly Participate in Discussions

Join LinkedIn Groups relevant to your job and industry. Engage in discussions with other professionals. Portray yourself as an expert in your field by looking for opportunities to connect with others in your industry and expand your range of influence.

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