Career Tips

During your next interview, you may be asked to give reasons why the company should not hire you. Due to the challenging nature of the question, you should prepare an appropriate response that actually highlights your strengths and keeps you in the running for the role.

Purpose of Asking for Reasons Not to Hire You

Why do interviewers ask this question at all? They want to uncover your strengths and weaknesses and see how you think on your feet when faced with an obstacle. Not only does an interviewer want to see what you know about the company, they also want to see how well you can turn a negative quality into a positive one. Ensure your answer is honest, confident, concise and does not include a requirement that disqualifies you from the role. 

Tips to Properly Answer the Question

Highlight your strengths and show why you are best suited for the role. Demonstrate how one of your strengths will help you fit with the right company culture or position, e.g.:

“You should not hire me if you want someone who thrives in an environment where management dictates how to perform tasks. I work better when I receive guidelines with desired outcomes but also freedom to carry out the task.”

Emphasize a personality trait that may be beneficial to some roles but not others, e.g.:

“You should not hire me if an extrovert will not blend well with your company or the position. I enjoy interacting with colleagues and clients while staying on task.”

Mention a weakness but highlight a related strength, e.g.:

“You should not hire me if you want someone to lead meetings. I am better suited to actively participating in meetings and executing ideas. Meetings often generate great ideas that are not implemented to completion. I follow up on meeting tasks and complete projects in general.”

Prepare for Follow-Up Questions

The interviewer will likely want to uncover additional information to verify the honesty and accuracy of your answer.

  • “Give me an example of how your extroversion benefitted you in your last position.”
  • “Tell me about a time when you implemented an idea presented during a meeting. What steps did you take? What were your results?”

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