Use Social Media to Land Your Next Job

Are you looking for a new job and not finding success? Are you tired of answering ads on job boards and receiving no response? Try adding social media to your job search. Social media can be a great way to research companies and see their latest opportunities. You can also let recruiters know you are interested in finding a new opportunity and welcome their expertise. Use these tips for finding a new job through social media.

Set Your Goals

Knowing what you want to achieve before going on social media is essential. Do you want to find open positions? Create a list of companies you want to target? Research the companies you have interviews with? When you know what your objectives are, you will spend more time attaining them and less time reading others’ status updates.


When you have your goal, start your research. Are you looking for job openings? Find out which platforms employers are posting on. Depending on your industry and position, LinkedIn is an obvious choice, but Facebook and Twitter may also provide you with the latest opportunities. Are you looking for more information about a company before applying or do you want to prepare for an interview? Glassdoor provides feedback from current and former employees and their perceived pros and cons of the organization. You may uncover inside information you would not have otherwise. You can also like or follow companies on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other platforms to learn more about them.

Update Your Profiles

Are your social media profiles recently updated and complete? Are there videos, slideshows and work samples on your profiles? Chances are high that applying for a job via social media means employers will be screening your information. Google your name to see what information you uncover. Does it present you in a positive, professional manner? Does the information portray you as the best candidate for the position? Is there any reason for an employer to screen you out? Fix any issues that come up before you apply for an opportunity.

Note: One of the easiest updates you can make is to let recruiters know you are open for new opportunities on LinkedIn. This will show internal and external recruiters that you are open to a new position and you will appear in their searches that match your career interests. You can update this setting under 'Privacy'.


Which of your connections can you network with? Start by researching where your contacts work and who they are connected with. Do you want to ask for an informational interview or introduction to a member of their network? You may open yourself up to new opportunities. Can you ask your connections for a referral? Employee referrals are one of the best ways to land a new position. They can vouch for your skill set and work performance.

Partner with a Professional Staffing Leader

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