Tips for Making Your Temporary Job Permanent

As a temporary worker, you may not take your role as seriously as you would if it were your full-time job. However, because working in a temporary position may lead to permanent employment, you need to treat your contract period as an extended job interview. Below, Michelle Pasqual, President of MFA Talent Management, provides her tips on how to make a temporary job permanent.

Blend with Company Culture

“Company culture sets the tone for how you should present yourself and interact with co-workers and clients,” Michelle shares. “Make sure you blend in. Dress according to code by observing what coworkers at your level are wearing. Dressing more casually means you won’t be taken seriously. Also, study how your coworkers interact. Use similar words and mannerisms. Are they casual or professional? Laid back or formal? Model your behavior accordingly.”  

Research the Company

“Uncover all you can about the company,” suggests Michelle. “Find out about the organization’s history, mission, and goals. Determine the company’s key clients, and what direction its heading in. Determine the business structure and how you can fill its needs. If you’ve done similar work elsewhere, you may be able to streamline processes and improve efficiencies. Show you’re truly invested in your role and want to help the organization move forward beyond your contract employment."

Continue Learning

“Employers look for workers who want to continually learn,” Michelle states. “When you request additional training or offer to take on new projects and add to your skill set, you become even more valuable to the organization. Show that you are quick and eager to learn about anything related to your position. Ask questions when needed. Employers want workers who are interested in all aspects of the company.”    

Cultivate Relationships

“Relationships are one key to landing a permanent position,” says Michelle. “Get to know your coworkers during breaks and lunch. Offer to help them with projects. Regularly check in with your manager. Communicate where you’re at with projects. Your coworkers and manager will be more inclined to want you to work with them full-time. Even if you don’t secure a position, they may serve as references or help you find your next role.”

Ask for a Full-Time Position

“Let your manager know you’re interested in a full-time position,” Michelle encourages. “They may not realize you’re looking for permanent work if you don’t say something. You will most likely have to wait until the contract period is up to find out whether you’re offered a permanent role. You may have a formal interview before potentially being extended a job offer. Ensure you point out ways you added value to the organization and how you plan to continue doing so in the future.”

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