When your employees take ownership of their work, they will feel empowered to perform at a higher level. There are several actions that can help you empower your employees to take ownership.

Treat Employees Like Owners

Owners are proactive and benefit from improved effort and results, while renters put in the minimum requirements to earn money and have little interest in developing the company. An employee who feels like an owner is more likely to show up early, put in extra effort, and be actively involved in the business.

Share Your Vision

Request your employees’ knowledge, ideas, and insights for setting short- and long-term goals. Discuss the current challenges and shortfalls in reaching them. Ask your employees for input on overcoming obstacles and solving problems. Employees want a stake in the future of the company. 

Explain Why Tasks Need Completion

Let your employees know why you selected them to finish the work and what their ultimate objective is. Show them how the task fits in with the bigger picture of company operations. Employees who generate an emotional connection to their work typically feel more invested in performing at a higher level.

Let Employees Choose Their Work Method

Discuss what a successful outcome looks like; then provide an adequate amount of autonomy to finish the task. Employees may come up with a more efficient and effective method for completing their assignment. If so, praise them for their work. If not, ask questions to help uncover better options.

Delegate Authority

Let your employees lead some of the meetings. Trust they can handle responsibilities that are not part of their job description. Hold them accountable for their results. Employees who develop their leadership skills are able to take on additional responsibility and move up in the organization.

Encourage Problem Solving

When your employees come to you with issues, ask questions that lead to an appropriate answer. When they arrive at a proper conclusion, compliment them. Point out they already knew the answer and can transfer that skill to other situations.

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