Work Style

During an interview, the hiring manager may ask questions about your work style. They want to know whether you will fit with both the role and company culture. The hiring manager also wants to uncover whether you are self-aware enough to recognize and clearly communicate your work style.

Focus on the Position You Want

What type of work style is best for the position you want? For example, are speed and accuracy important? Mention how efficiently you work under tight deadlines and the methods you use to avoid errors. Is how you structure your day relevant? Discuss whether you complete your most challenging tasks first, or whether you focus on one project at a time. Is working independently or collaborating important? Most roles require at least some teamwork, so point out the fact that you value others’ input.

Discuss How You Like to Work with Your Manager

Do you want clear directions on how to complete a project or a general outline of your goal with the freedom to reach it your own way? Would you rather receive constant direction from your manager or be given a task and left to complete it?

Be Brief

Which elements of your work style matter most to the position? Because you cannot mention all of them, choose your top three to elaborate on. Show how your best qualities fit with the role you want. Share brief examples that emphasize your work style. For example, mention a time when your efficiency and multitasking ability helped you complete a project well before the deadline.    

Model Appropriate Answers

Are you looking for examples you can model your answers after? Here is one: 

“I am extremely dependable. I enjoy starting and finishing projects as quickly as possible. I meet my deadlines and help my teammates meet theirs. For example, on our last project, a team member was having trouble completing their assignment. I set aside an hour each day for a week to help complete the work. Because of my organizational skills, I can handle multiple projects at one time. I enjoy working independently and value input from my teammates to ensure we are all on the same page. I regularly check in with my manager to discuss my progress and implement constructive feedback.”      

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